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Summer Fun for Cheap… or Free

Take control of your summer fun without breaking the bank.

Summer is here. That means no more sitting in class—online or in person. With summer comes summer fun, but that can mean a hefty price tag. Here’s a few ways you can have endless fun during the summer without spending a lot of cash and how to make it easy.

Have a plangroup of friends

The first thing to do is plan. Not that you have to plan out every low-cost or free thing to do, but it helps to have a rough idea of what you can do at a moment’s notice. Keep a swimsuit and a change of clothes ready to go. Know where basic sporting equipment is: disc golf discs, volleyballs, and slacklines can make for a great day. Wasting half your day looking for stuff is no way to have fun.

Know what’s around

Saying, “Let’s go to the park!” sounds like a great idea. But what park? What is there to do at that park? Look up a few different spots around town. Some parks are better for playing volleyball than others. Some have disc golf courses. Others have lakes and beaches. Or maybe you just want to go swing.

Act like a tourist

There’s probably a lot of interesting stuff around your city that’s easy to overlook. Your town might have a website just for tourists, listing out things to do or sights to see. Check out travel blogs too; chances are there is something in your area that people are traveling to see that you didn’t know exists.

Go with the flow

One way to do things on the cheap is to be flexible. Plans change and it can be hard to find something on the fly. If you’ve planned ahead and kept a list, you can pivot to a new idea. Park closed because someone rented it out for a wedding? Grab your list and look in your bag, what could you do and where can you do it?

Avoid the mall

Going to the mall has been a default for young adults since someone got the idea to build a mall in 1956. Sure, you tell yourself that you’re just going to people watch. But, soft pretzels exist and everyone knows that you cannot NOT buy one. Or maybe it’s a fancy coffee. The point is, the temptation to spend money is everywhere in a mall. Avoiding temptation saves you money. You don’t need a new phone case. Or socks. Your aunt is buying some for your birthday anyways.

Saving money isn’t always easy. Finding something to do with friends can be difficult. But with a little foresight, some preparation, and knowledge, you can have a great summer and not break the bank. It might not seem like it, but there is plenty to do, even in the smallest of towns. Be creative, ask your parents or teachers what they used to do for fun.

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